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· [Soul Escort] The issuance of the "Helpline Resource Card" was successfully completed 2023-10-10 
· [Soul Escort] The "June 26" International Day against Drug Abuse and Abuse has come to a successful conclusion! 2023-06-30 
· [Soul Escort] Northeast Electric Power University psychological counseling appointment hotline operator recruitment notice 2023-04-25 
· [Soul Escort] "Three lines of Love Letter · Freehand feeling" love poem competition officially started! 2023-02-14 
· [Soul Escort] "Science to 'Jiao', easy life" group counseling successfully concluded 2022-12-26 

· [Soul Escort] "Science on 'Jiao', easy life" network group counseling recruitment 2022-12-20 
· [Soul Escort] Overcome procrastination: Do time management group coaching successfully concluded 2022-12-12 
· [Soul Escort] "Overcoming Procrastination: Being a Time Manager" online group counseling recruitment 2022-12-06 
· [Soul Escort] Pen and ink painting dream and heart outline - anti-drug, anti-AIDS-themed hand copy competition is about to begin! 2022-11-21 
· [Soul Escort] Psychological lectures and group counseling on the theme of "Helping Epidemic prevention Volunteers" will begin soon 2022-04-13 

· [Soul Escort] Tohoku Electric Power University "' Epidemic 'spread blossom - TEPCO students' growth remember' epidemic '" activity is about to start 2022-03-28 
· [Soul Escort] Stress reduction network group counseling recruitment 2022-03-09 
· [Soul Escort] The school held a signing ceremony of the mental health service cooperation agreement with the Sixth People's Hospital of Jilin City 2021-12-10 
· [Soul Escort] The school held an online lecture on "Life first, End HIV/AIDS health Equality" 2021-11-29 
· [Soul Escort] The school held "Love in Tepco, call with you" double Eleven series of psychological theme activities 2021-11-12 
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Northeast Dianli University mental health education and counseling service center 


Add: 320 College Student Activity Center, East Campus, Northeast Dianli University, 169 Changchun Road, Jilin City, Jilin Province, China Postcode: 132012