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Pleasant heart shadow moving: "Mind strange journey" for students to light the spark of life
2022-05-08 12:32  

In order to further popularize mental health knowledge, help students build a platform for relaxation and decompression, interaction and communication, and perceive colors in light and shadow,Mental Health Education and counseling ServicesFrom May 5 to May 7, online viewing activities were held through the online Tencent conference。

The movie "Mind and Soul Journey" is directed by PeterDirected by Doggett。Combined with the "flywheel effect" of psychology, the film discusses major themes such as the meaning of life, happiness and success, and encourages students to find their own flywheel, understand themselves, make preparations, have the courage to try, and finally light up the spark of inner life。The film design is serious and ingenious, so that we can see the intention of lifting a heavy weight in the colorful animation。

The event is divided into three parts。Part oneScreen sharing by the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center, where students meetWatch movies together online;In the second part, the host interacts with the students online according to the content of the film, and interprets it, so that the students can have a deeper understanding of the content of the film;The third part is for the students to write their own opinions about this movie viewing activityImpression of viewIn this section, everyone expressed their opinions and expressed their understanding of the film。

Watch movies together online



Online interaction

1.Personally, I think the film is very immersive because it's realistic and relatable: sometimes, despite our best efforts, we don't get anything。The family does not understand, the cynicism of others, the hardship of life......But life is like climbing a mountain, the road up the mountain is difficult to walk, but as long as you insist on going up, you will climb to the top of the mountain and see more beautiful scenery。Just as we have overcome the epidemic, we will eventually win this war with our strong will。When we feel that one day, at the moment of their own very happy, very full, not confused, maybe we will win, win the others who are still confused, but also win the self!

-- Zhixin 211 Liu Xinyu

2.There are a few key words in the movie: the spark of life, the goal of life, the mirror of forgetting myself, and the lost soul, but the last words of the protagonist, "Prepare to live well", "I will cherish every minute to live", are the most moved me。Every little soul will come to the world after getting the certificate, so we should not feel inferior, each person will have a different wonderful, live out their own sparks, let our life bloom。

-- Zhixin 201 Zhu Weiliang

3.There is a dialogue at the end of the film: "What will you do with your life?"I don't know, but I'm gonna cherish every minute of it."。This dialogue can be said to be the content of the whole film, which reminds me to pay more attention to the people and things around me, care more about my family, do not bury myself in the so-called goal of life, but experience life more, enjoy life, and be kind to myself and others。

-- Software 202 Deng Zhile

    4.In the end how to live in this life without regret, Pixar with "Mind and Soul Journey" to tell us the answer。For us, although we are in the midst of an epidemic, the time is fair。Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and only 24 hours。Now we are just like sitting on a time train, some people are in isolation, some people are fighting against the novel coronavirus, and some people are lying flat。Anyway, time will never stay for who, we must live in the moment, adjust their mentality, study hard, grasp the good youth, write a bright chapter of life。

-- Director 202 Zhang Ziyao

    5.This film gives me a strong feeling that the greatest meaning of life is to live in the present moment。We can always look for the spark of life but can't find it, and this film shows us the answer。"When we have the will to live, we light the spark of life.。Because can really ignite our "spark", not the so-called mission vision, but each individual's own "willing", willing to be willing, is not "I am happy, only willing"?So teach us not to take the goal as the purpose of life, but down to earth, in the effort to move toward the dream, but also learn to slow down, to feel the beauty of life, we will find that life is warm, the world is worth it。

-- Accountant 193 Chen Meizhu

Impression of view

Under the epidemic, we meet online and enjoy this story togetherThe film of "The spark of life", I hope that every student can see something, stimulate the exploration of life, the meaning of life, and stimulate the yearning and pursuit of a better life。

    The 16th College Student Mental Health Month is in full swing, looking forward to your participation!


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