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Our school's 2021 psychological theme class meeting competition came to a successful end
2021-06-10 16:02  

    In order to help students improve the ability to recognize and deal with setbacks,Promote students to optimize psychological quality,Learn to live with stress,Improve life resilience,6月9日,The Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center of the Ministry of Education and Work held the final event of the 2021 Psychological Class Meeting Competition with the theme of "Heart Warming Yang · Flying against the wind" at the Sanyu 201,Psychology Center teachers served as judges for the finals。

    Since the launch of this psychological class meeting competition in May, it has received a positive response from students in various colleges。After the college preliminary competition, 17 classes entered the school semifinals, and finally 6 classes stood out and entered the final competition。During the class meeting,At the beginning, the six classes made full use of classic videos, case analysis, story sharing and other forms to arouse students' thinking and attention to a certain issue,Then combined with the theme discussion, game interaction, role play, practical exercise and other ways to let the class students in the interaction and communication to gain understanding and growth。The six class meetings are rich in meaning, prominent in focus, novel in form and smooth in organization, which greatly enrich students' psychological and social resources and improve their sense of happiness and power。

    In the end, Class 1916 of Electrical Engineering College won the first prize;Class 1915 of the School of Electrical Engineering and Class 201 of the School of Energy and Power Engineering won the second prize;The School of Computer Software class 202, the School of Computing class 202, the School of Art service class 202 won the third prize。

    Psychological theme class meeting is an important way to publicize and popularize mental health knowledge. The holding of psychological theme class meeting competition has built a platform for exchanges between colleges and classes, which is conducive to the psychological committee to broaden work ideas, improve work ability, and then better provide mental health services for the class students。

Electricity since 196 "Embrace happiness · Start from the heart" theme class meeting

Hot movement 201 "Heart to warm Yang · Flying against the wind" theme class meeting

From 1915 "Negative to positive born" theme class meeting

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