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The final of the twelfth psychodrama competition of the school was successfully concluded
2021-06-01 13:47  

    On May 30, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center of the Ministry of Student Affairs successfully held the final of the 12th psychodrama Competition on the first floor of the University Student Activity Center。Teachers from the Psychological Center, members of Poplar Drama Club and more than 300 students attended the competition。

    Psychodrama is one of the best activities in the Mental Health Month of our school. Since its launch in April, the psychodrama competition has received positive responses from students and student associations in various colleges。After the college preliminary competition, 25 plays entered the school semifinals, and finally 5 excellent plays entered the final platform, presenting wonderful performances for everyone。In the game,The School of Computer Science's "Growing Up in the Epidemic" starts from the epidemic perspective,The story of the selfless dedication of the anti-epidemic families to the prevention and control of the epidemic;The School of Electrical Engineering's "The beauty of the world is linked with you" tells the story of the conflict between student cadres and students from occurrence to development,The story that finally works out;"Maple Leaf" by the School of Energy and Power Engineering tells the story of contemporary college students suffering from various pressures from home school,The story of finding myself again with the help of teachers and classmates;"Unique You" by the School of Computer Science interprets the spiritual growth story of contemporary college students from paying too much attention to their own appearance to realizing that real beauty should come from within.The College of Science's "If I Had to Do It Again" tells the story of students revisiting themselves in a unique way,And continue to grow,The story of the realization of life's ideals。The performance lasted for one and a half hours, which aroused the unanimous praise and wide resonance of the judges and the student audience。With the interpretation of the plot, the students sometimes laughed heartily, sometimes moved to tears, and fully realized the educational function of psychodrama。

    Psychodrama is an important activity platform for our school to carry out mental health education. The success of this competition benefited from the strong support of all departments and colleges in the school, and also benefited from the all-out efforts of all teachers and cast members。In the future, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center will continue to enrich the content and methods of mental health education work, enhance the effectiveness, attractiveness and influence of psychological work, and better escort the growth of students。

A still from "Growing up in Epidemic"

A still from "Maple Leaf"

A still from "If I Could Live Again"

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