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Home and school work together to protect students' mental health
2022-04-28 13:19  

The novel coronavirus epidemic is not only a public health event, but also a major social stress event, threatening physical health, but also causing a huge psychological impact on students。With the extension of the school closure management time for epidemic prevention and control, students' psychological pressure and negative emotions have increased。In order to enable parents to understand the psychological state and needs of students and provide stable psychological support for students, home and school work together to help students better through the next period of time,426日晚7Point, mental health education and counseling services Center director Wen Zhu, for parents to carry outUnder the epidemic, how can parents provide psychological support for their childrenOnline public lecture。

In the lecture, Teacher Wen first analyzed the physical and mental state of children during the epidemic from the psychological perspective, and then explained how to scientifically understand the stress response of children, and finally explained in detail the methods and technologies for parents to provide effective psychological support for children according to the main problems of students。Miss WenWith incisive and profound discussion, profound and simple language,Vivid and detailed cases,parentsA class of thought, guidance and pertinence is very strong, theory and practice closely combined心理Special lectureSo that parents can pay more attention to the child's mental health, better understand the child's mental state and problems, more effective parent-child communication, and thenTo create a more healthy environment for children's growth and development。The seminar was well received by the participating parents.parentsFeel benefited,纷纷Leave a message in the comment area, like, indicatingThis psychological class is rich in content, telling vivid, full of dry goods, wonderful and practical, is a timely rain for parents, but also eagerly hope that the school canHold more lectures like this

"Family is an important place for a person to grow up, and parental love can provide strong psychological support for children.。The school will continue to organize parents' psychological lectures, and continue to explore the home-school cooperation model, strengthen the home-school education force, guide parents to establish correct educational concepts, help students with stable love and support, and work together to promote the healthy growth of students。

In these extraordinary times,Let's focus on children's mental health。I believe that as long as the family and school cooperate and work together, TEPCO students will be able to study and live peacefully under the careful care and wisdom of home and school, and grow up after the "epidemic"!

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