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All staff participated in the training to help psychological epidemic prevention
2022-04-26 12:32  

4月25日9:30,The Expert Steering Committee of Mental Health Education for College Students in Jilin Province and the Innovation and Development Center of Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities in Jilin Province jointly held a special training on psychological crisis intervention for college students during the epidemic,The topic of the lecture is "Psychological Crisis Intervention Strategies for College Students under the Epidemic".,The expert is Sui Jibin, director of the psychological Department of Jilin City Psychological Hospital,Psychological counseling center teachers and all counselors participated in this study。

Director Sui Jibin's lecture started from the evolution of the epidemic, and explained the psychological crisis intervention strategies and methods of college students under the epidemic from four parts: psychological problems of college students under the epidemic, psychological stress response under the epidemic and clinical medication。During the lecture,Sui Jibin used a large number of cases,Let us understand the types and characteristics of common psychological disorders in college students with humorous language,The common psychological problems of college students under the epidemic situation and the corresponding intervention strategies were mastered,It enriched the knowledge of clinical medication for mental diseases,In particular, it aims at the difficulties of counselors in psychological crisis intervention work organized by the counseling center of our school,Sui Jibin gave an in-depth and detailed explanation。At the end of the lecture, some teachers put forward the doubts and difficulties encountered in the work, Sui Jibin are patient to do the answer。The content of the lecture is deep and simple, with high generalization and strong practicability, which provides effective help for counselors to carry out work for students during the epidemic period。  

Through this study,College counselors have increased their knowledge of psychological crisis intervention and clinical medication,It has improved the ability to deal with students' psychological crisis caused by the epidemic,I have a clear understanding and judgment on what stage of the epidemic we are in now,It has effectively improved the self-confidence and professionalism of counselors in carrying out psychological crisis intervention under the epidemic situation,To better provide psychological support and assistance to students,With love, responsibility and practical actions to build a protective fortress to protect the students' mental safety。

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