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Dongdian Heart Language propaganda group successfully completed the 2022 winter holiday reading exchange activities
2022-03-02 12:40  

To promote the members of the missionMental healthKnowledge level and preaching practice ability,保障The propaganda work in the new semester was carried out smoothly.Dongdian heart talk group2020年From January 12 to February 16, four reading sharing sessions were successfully held on the online platform。This reading will be shared byConsultation centerZhou Lina老师Organize and act as指导Teachers attended, Liu Minghe, Tao HangyingLi Chunlin轮流As host,All members of the "Dongdian Heart Speech propaganda group" participated in the reading sharing交流活动。

Each group member actively participated in each reading sharing session,In the form of group discussionsMarshall· Luxemburg (Marshall B.Rosenberg's book, Nonviolent CommunicationHave discussedIn the sharing session, every member willExpound oneself阶段Reading experienceAnd raised the confusion and questions that arise when reading booksThe host will give guidance and suggestions on the members' pronunciation, speed and other expression methods, so that the members can effectively improve their language expression ability;At the same time, Zhou Lina teacher for eachGive professional answers to questions raised during the meetingLet the members of the missionTo understand and appreciate the content of the book more deeply

开展Reading sessionIt is to enable the knowledge learned by the members to be precipitated and achieve the effect of integration。Every member of the missionHere will get a show and exerciseegoisticThe opportunity can effectively improve their expression and communication skills, laying a good foundation for the future smooth implementation of the propaganda work。

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