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The school carries out psychological knowledge and skills examination for counselors
2021-10-27 13:58  

  In order to strengthen the ability assessment of counselors and test the results of the "psychological work skills improvement training of counselors", on October 26, the Department of Students and Works organized the psychological knowledge and skills examination of counselors in the academic center。

  This examination takes the teaching content of "psychological work skills improvement training for counselors" as the proposition scope,By the psychology teachers and psychiatrists from Northeast Normal University, Jilin University, Changchun Sixth Hospital in accordance with the principle of combining theory with practice,Focus on examining practical knowledge and skills,Strive to reflect the teacher's learning effect and work ideas to deal with students' psychological problems to the greatest extent。

  The Department of Student Affairs earnestly implements the examination discipline, and strictly manages the process in all aspects such as printing, invigilating, sealing, marking, etc., to ensure that the examination complies with the principle of fairness and justice。All the counselors actively prepared for the exam, gave rigorous answers on the spot, and showed good consciousness and ability。The whole exam was successfully completed in a serious atmosphere, reflecting the learning tradition and discipline of the staff。

  Strengthen the evaluation and incentive of counselors,To improve the level of counselor work team construction is one of the important contents of the school's "14th Five-Year Plan" student work,The Department of Student Affairs will gradually build and improve the evaluation system of counselors,Accurately evaluate the quality and ability of the counselor,Carry out targeted training,Effectively improve the theoretical literacy and professional ability of counselors。

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