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2021-10-24 08:00  

Chinese name Deadly magic

Foreign name The Prestige

Production Region United States

Issuing company Warner Brothers公司

导 演 Christopher Nolan

Genre mystery

Running time is 130 minutes

Released on October 20, 2006

Dialogue language English



At the turn of the century in London, the entertainment industry had just started, so the magician who could transform the decadent into the magical became the most mysterious popular idol of the era, enjoying the highest praise that society could give, and the social status was higher than other people engaged in performance。

In the popular Victorian period of magic, there were two talented young magicians, and the most rare thing is that they grew up together: Robert Angel, a complex and sophisticated character, is a natural performer, he knows how to show himself perfectly to the audience on stage。On the contrary, Alfred Bourdain was a very talented and very creative magic genius who was a bit out of place because of his unkemp and naive personality, and did not know how to use gorgeous means to express his magic ideas。The two gradually build their prestige from show to show, leaving other magicians in the dust, and eventually it becomes a rivalry between the former bosom friends。
Two people because of mutual jealousy and suspicion,And became bitter rivals,They replace morality with bravery, science with skill, and friendship with ambition,In order to overcome each other,In order to prove that he is the first magician of his time,They look for all kinds of auxiliary materials to enrich their magic show,That includes the recent death of Nikola Tesla (Nikola TeslaThe invention of a scientific wonder - alternating current。Events spin out of control, and the loyalties and beliefs of both men are tested to the utmost, until a murder is triggered and the war of the century comes to a tragic end。
Film evaluation
Although this is not a mainstream movie, it still gives the audience a lot of fun。(Review by Entertainment Weekly)You can see that Christopher Nolan is trying to delve into something about human nature in the film, but it doesn't seem to succeed, but the performances of Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale, the two lead actors, are worthy of praise。(Review by Variety)The film has hard-working performances, a smooth narrative and small details that sometimes recirculate。(The New York Times)
"The Prestige" this film not only has many characteristics of commercial films, but also a thought-provoking video work, it shows the audience a variety of visual wonders, twists and turns of the plot Settings, the abrupt end, so that the audience in the whole process of watching the film, have maintained a strong enthusiasm for watching。In addition, the film is also a metaphor for the living conditions of individuals in modern society。What the audience sees is the twisted individual who is jealous of success, the absolute contradiction and opposition between people, and the loss of subjectivity of people in machinery or modern science and technology。(Review of "Film Literature")

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