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The kite runner
2021-09-24 08:00  

Chinese name The kite runner

Foreign name The Kite Runner

Other translated names The kid running a kite

类型 剧情

导演 马克· Marc Forster

主演 肖恩Tosa, Sayid Tagmao, Atosha Leonie


Amir from a rich Afghan familyZekeria Ebrahim饰演With servant Hassan (Ahmad Khan Mahmidzada饰演Brothers and sisters。Hassan always stood up for Amir when others bullied him, even though Hassan was thinner than him。Weak by nature, Amir could not become the man of steel in his father's mind and was despised by his father,But Rahim Khan, his father's friend, did not think Amir was useless,Under his guidance,More and more, Amir showed his talent for writing,And with unremitting efforts, he eventually became a very good novelist。In addition to writing, Amir is also an expert kite fighter。Similarly, Hassan is no less talented than Amir in this respect, and Hassan can also track down defeated kites with radar accuracy and then follow the local ruleslootTake it for oneself。

In a grand kite convention, Amir and Hassan made it all the way to the first place。Both boys were very happy。Hassan, too, was excited to go to the lastloot追去。But on the way Hassan was blocked by a group of bad boys in the alley rape, following Hassan amir witnessed what happened to Hassan, but did not have the courage to stand up to protect Hassan and watched Hassan was raped by them。

Amir has since carried a heavy psychological burden。Unable to face Hassan anymore, in order to avoid the familiar eyes forever, he drove the Hassan father and son out of his house one day under the pretext of framing them for stealing something。

With the outbreak of war, Amir went to America with his father。There he worked and studied hard with his father, gradually building their family business from nothing。Amir also found his life partner in the United States。So many years passed, and everything in the past seemed to be dust。However, a phone call from Rahim Khan from Afghanistan shattered all the calm。

Amir realized that the past was never the past。He could never shake off his guilt for Hassan。And it was time to do something for Hassan。In order to atone for his SINS, for Hassan, he once again set foot on the land he had been missing for more than 20 years。I hope I can do one last thing for my unfortunate friend。However, this trip leads him to discover a shocking lie。The nightmare of childhood is repeated again, and life is like a drama, but the difference is that this time Amir resolutely chooses to be brave

Film evaluation

Amir's close friendship with his father's servant son, Hassan, runs through the book。The author's Afghanistan is warm and relaxed, but tense and filled with haunting images of ethnic friction。(Review by The New York Times)

There are no pretenses, no whines, only refined passages of family and friendship, betrayal and redemption。The author's love for his country is clearly as deep as his hatred for its vicissitusions。The story is told with light strokes, similar to Kawabata Yasunari's "Thousand Cranes"。(Review by The Washington Post)

In a world where war and smoke are still widespread, no matter how various forms of art, singing and dancing can not always whitewash a beautiful world。(Sina Entertainment review)

For the first time, the film gave the West a chance to see Afghanistan from a different perspective。Let the audience see that people of different cultures, regions and beliefs actually have a common topic of concern。Such as family, such as friendship, in these aspects, our hearts are connected。1905 Film online review)

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