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My sister
2021-06-28 15:32  



"My sister" is directed by Yin Ruoxin, written by You Xiaoying, starring Zhang Zifeng, starring Xiao Yang, starring Zhu Yuanyuan, Duan Bowen, Liang Jingkang, starring Jin Yuanyuan, Wang Shengdi special feature film。The film tells the story of the lost parents of the elder sister in the face of the pursuit of personal independence in the story of my sister is directed by Yin Ruoxin, You Xiaoying scriptwriting, Zhang Zifeng starring, Xiao Yang special starring, Zhu Yuanyuan, Duan Bowen, Liang Jingkang starring, Jin Yuanyuan, Wang Shengdi special starring in the story filmThe film tells the story of a bereaved sister who is faced with the question of pursuing an independent life or raising her younger brotherFilm in2021年4月2日在中国大陆上映,4月22日在北美、澳新上映。
    Elder sister Ran (Zhang Zifeng is acted the role of) parents in order to have a boy, not hesitate to lie about her disability, is a cripple, and even when the inspectors hit the truth of the elder sister's health, the father beat her violently。The Beijing clinical medicine major filled in by my sister during the college entrance examination was also secretly changed to the nursing major in my hometown by my parents, for the reason that"Girls need to earn money early to support their families"。Going to Beijing became a bright way for my sister to get away from her parents。But her parents were killed in a car accident, leaving her with a six-year-old brother。The older sister, who already has a clear plan for her life, is faced with a difficult choice between raising a cold and distant brother or pursuing her own ideals

Film evaluation
    "My Sister" is a profound work that reveals social ethics and its changes,The film revolves around the heroine's sister's difficult choice between pursuing her own career or raising her young brother,The logic behind it is the fierce impact of individual-oriented values and outlook on life on traditional family-oriented values and outlook on life that people face in the process of Chinese modernization。Through a series of dramatic conflicts, the film reveals the profound changes that are taking place, that is, the traditional gender order of male superiority and female inferiority is undergoing profound changes, and a modern new order of male and female personality equality is taking shape。The film has an open-ended ending'a stroke of genius'
    A scene in which two sisters tell each other about their hearts shows the delicate and sophisticated acting skills of two generations of actresses, contributing to the biggest tears of the film, at the same time, it is also the reflection of such a group of characters, so that the film completely jumps out of the tragedy of an individual fate, and shows the appearance of a large and long ignored groupThe film presents the naked real problems in front of the public, and it may not be able to solve them at present, but the thinking it causes, yesThe examination of the identity of "sister", the squarely facing the plight of women, and the perspective of son preference are far more important and profound than an ideal ending
    Another important factor in the film's ability to move people is its accurate depiction of complex human emotions,The two-way closeness of the bereaved siblings in their subsequent relationship,Originally hurt have a bitter sister in the tangle for the family silk experience,All complexity and subtleties are presented to the audience by the creator delicately and accuratelyThe film is a profound analysis of the growing up experience of young women and sharply touches on many social issues of concern
The second half of the movie feels like family and blood is thicker than water, and the struggle between raising and giving up is very tearing。It is worth mentioning that the image portrayal of each character in the film is very three-dimensional and brilliant。What the director and screenwriter want to convey in this film is not criticism, but a kind of demonstration, so that the audience can see, what is the real pain experienced by the girl in this predicament。This is a microcosm of girls who are born and grow up in a special context。


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