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Mind game
2021-04-24 08:00  

Mind game


Chinese name Mind game

Foreign name The Game

编  剧 John Branca to Michael Ferris

导  演 David Fincher

主  演 Michael Douglas, Sean Penn, Deborah Kara Unger

片  长 129 分钟

Release time 1997-9-12(美国)

类  型 Action, adventure, suspense, thriller


Nicolas Van Otto succeeded his father as president of a conglomerate。On his 48th birthday, he suddenly received a "Consumer Entertainment Service Center" (CRS) membership card as a birthday gift from his brother Conrad, whom he had not met for a long time。

Jim Vangold, the head of CRS, warmly receives Nicholas and informs him that he will be a participant in a "game"。A series of strange things happened around Nicholas: his well-dressed shirt was inexplicably stained with ink;Conflict with subordinates but inability to exercise their authority;In a high-end restaurant, the waitress twice spilled wine on his body。
In the subsequent "game", Nicholas not only turned against his brother, but was repeatedly threatened by property and life。He is determined to get to the bottom of CRS and get his money back。
Film evaluation
"Mind Games" unique and excellent script, tense and complex plot, with a first-class director,Mike Douglas and Sean Penn's outstanding performances make it a perfectly textured suspense action movie。The film itself has a realistic horror atmosphere, fake acting, near-death scenes and a happy comedy ending to ensure entertainment。It can be said that Mind Games is the work of an expert with a deep knowledge of film history。


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