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Cat-and-mouse game
2021-03-27 08:00  

Chinese name Cat-and-mouse game

Foreign name Catch Me If You Can

编  剧 Jeff Nathanson

导  演 Steven Spielberg

主  演 Leonardo dicaprio, Tom Hanks

片  长 141 分钟

Release time 2002-12-25(美国)

类  型 Plot, biography, crime


Under the age of 18, Frank Abagno Jr. was devastated by his parents' divorce and began to forge checks for cash。He succeeded in issuing a total of $6 million in bad checks in all 50 states and 28 countries around the world, becoming the youngest criminal on the most wanted list in the United States。Soon after, he pretended to be a pilot, so that he could fly in high-end planes and stay in high-end hotels。He then used a fake Harvard medical degree to work as an emergency room doctor at a hospital in Georgia。There, he soon falls in love with a caregiver named Brenda, and Frank follows his girlfriend to her hometown of New Orleans。 Breda's father, a prosecutor, heard that Frank had graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, law school, and was very happy that his daughter had found such a boyfriend, so he arranged for him to be an assistant prosecutor。Frank.Abagno is also happy with her current career。Just as he is trying to earn his way into Louisiana's legal practice exam, persistent FBI investigator Carl Hanratty catches his eye。Fortunately, Frank was always one step ahead of Carl Hanratty and defended himself with the law, teasing Carl over and over again with phone calls and postcards。 Interestingly, though neither Frank nor Carl would admit it, they are strikingly similar: both love to spend lonely Christmases on the phone, both are distant from their families, and both seem to enjoy the game of chasing and being chased。Carl felt sorry for Frank, who had committed so many crimes and was not yet twenty years old, but Carl could not bear to be teased by him again and again。 In the end, Frank Abagno Jr. didn't escape the law, but the way he eluded the FBI again and again is well known。

Film evaluation

The slow pace of the film's beginning, the time travel back and forth, so eager to get to the truth of the audience has to concentrate on every detail, which may also be a way of structuring the film。Hollywood films generally need to grab the audience's attention in the first few minutes, as soon as possible to create the atmosphere into the theme, and the beginning of the film seems to be a little similar to soap opera, detective film, unimaginative and tantalize。(Review of "Shangying Pictorial")

Director Spielberg has meaningfully set up two parallel and interwoven narrative threads。Frank's bizarre experience of deception forms the main line, and his mind's journey of taking risks to cheat around to save his broken family becomes the narrative dark line。If the film is classified as a humorous comedy, it is not unreasonable, and the graceful young man tells a big lie, the means are simple, but the process is complex and bizarre, which can be described as comedy。However, Spielberg does not follow this one-way line to complete the audiovisual presentation, but deliberately emphasizes the dark line of highlighting the psychological portrayal of young Frank, so in a sense, this is not a pure comedy film。Hanks injects a little bit of wisdom into Carl, and this humanized exploration enriches Carl's image. His understanding of each other and warmth for Frank make the game less callous, and give the audience some space to explore Frank's inner world。(" Film Review "review)

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