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2020-12-24 12:00  

    • Chinese name:朱诺

    • Foreign name: Juno

    • Production time: 5 December 2007

    • Producing company: Fox Searchlight

    • Production area: United States/Canada

    • 导  演: Jason Reitman

    • 编  剧: Diablo Coty

    • 类  型: Comedy/Drama

    • 主  演: Ellen Page, Michael Cera

    • 片  长:96分钟

    • Projection time:2007年


    Juno, high school girl(Ellen Page)One day decides to go with her boyfriend Brick(Michael Cera)Go to the Wushan with the forbidden fruit。Juno liked her handsome boyfriend on the track team, but not so much that she was obsessed with him, and certainly not so much that she wanted to marry him。So what happens next is a little more troubling。After this lack of safety measures, Juno became pregnant。Now Juno is completely out of ideas, but what's the point of regretting。The question now is what to do with Juno's baby in a country where abortion is banned。It's not a good idea for her to settle down with Brick for life, is it。After discussing with their close friend Lille, they decided to give birth to the child first, and then find a family who wanted to adopt the child to give the child away。After some probing and deliberation, Juno finally settled on a wealthy couple, Mark and Vinessa(Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner)。However, things have not been as smooth as expected。How should Juno face the bitter consequences of this youthful impulse and ignorance。

    Film evaluation

    In general, the film content is full, the plot is smooth, the narrative is also more wonderful, the romantic place is bright, the humorous place is moving。(Nandu Weekly review)

    While making the audience laugh, it also brings us thinking about growth and maturity, and successfully becomes a typical small-budget masterpiece with a seemingly atypical approach。(Sina Entertainment review)

    The film takes a huge feminist ambition as the core, but always maintains a deep, understatement of the interpretation, through extreme kindness, piety and confidence, the feminist concept sublimated into a faith, so that you can not refuse to be baptized while moving the story。(Film critic Bi Chenggong)

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