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Matchstick Men Matchstick men
2019-02-27 14:36  

Chinese name match man

English name Matchstick Men


Directed by Ridley Scott


It was written by Ted Griffin and Eric Gracia


It stars Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell, Allison Loman, and Blue


Movie plot


Roy (Nicolas Cage Nicolas CageHe is a skilled professional con man with a bold and greedy partner, Frank(萨姆·Rockwell Sam Rockwell)They worked together for many years and almost never lost a hand。

At the same time, Roy is a mental obsessive-compulsive disorder。He likes to be clean and does not allow others to enter his house with shoes on.He is cautious, every time he goes out to check the gas and power switches。Frank got him a therapist for that。

With the help of a psychiatrist, Roy finds his long-lost daughter, Angela(Alyson·洛曼 Alison Lohman)。The appearance of his daughter changed his life and made him slowly feel the joy of being a father。But he didn't want his daughter to know what he did。

But after all, the paper can not wrap the fire, the daughter knew his secret, and showed a very good ability to cheat, Roy decided to pass his ability to his daughter。

Soon, a villageA Big DealHere we go, father, daughter, partner, what will be the result?


Film evaluation


"Match Man" is a family movie built up with lies, the so-called "match man" is only a box of matches in hand can boast it is comparable to gold, let you pay to buy the Jianghu old fox。But when the professional old liar Roy encounter professional little liar Angela, the two liars will lie when eating at the same time, but also reflect on their absurd life。(Mtime review)


In the film, the two psychologists before and after the hero to eat drugs are "fake" drugs, not for his disease, the reason why he feels good after eating, just psychological effects, so it is certain that he got mental illness。Whether it is compulsive hand-washing, or compulsive cleanliness, the motivation is the same, is to get rid of their own inner guilt。The protagonist is engaged in a deceptive profession, which is a sinful profession。Although consciously he does not care about his own behavior, his subconscious mind rejects this guilt, and the result is the subconsciousness-led cleanliness, whose internal meaning is to remove the guilt deep inside。It is also easy to explain the external performance of the protagonist。The room can be seen as a person's inner world, cleaning the room is to clean their own heart。Sunlight can be a symbol of justice, light, so of course, people with evil hearts are afraid to see the sun。The door is a channel between the inner and outer world, and the forced opening and closing of the door has the meaning of standing in the depths of reality and the heart: he wants to enter the depths of his heart, but he is unwilling to face his inner self, and to live out his true self in the real world, but he is unwilling to face reality。Finally, when the hero is cheated by his accomplices, he suddenly has an Epiphany, finds his ex-wife, changes his face, and finds a new job, and his illness is eliminated, because he has removed the burden of his heart, removed the shadow of his heart, his heart has been liberated, and his illness has naturally recovered。(Douban Film review)


"Match Man" will follow the easy route to interpret the life of a liar。The writer and director chose to focus on Roy's predicament outside of a life of deception rather than deception, which allowed Cage's acting skills to be used even more。Cage is careful to walk a fine line in portraying Roy's behavior disorder: on the one hand, he fully demonstrates the absurdity of the small actions, but on the other hand, he lets the emotions and feelings of the character seeped through the screen。( review)


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