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Heart Labyrinth
2018-08-06 08:50  


Chinese name heart maze

Foreign name The Coffin in the Mountain

Other names translated as funeral coffin

Type suspense/剧情

Huo Weimin, Wang Xiaotian, Luo Yun, Sun Li, Shao Shengjie



Early in the morning, the sudden appearance of a charred body broke the silence of the village, and the night before, a series of strange things happened one after another。The village of the young girl Huang Huan (Luo Yun is acted the role of) missing, village flower Liqin (Sun Li is acted the role of) the husband of the migrant worker said good come back also long gone, the notorious white tiger (Zhu Ziqing is acted the role of) in order to avoid gambling debt night back to the village, brother unexpectedly said he has not been home for half a year。A seemingly unrelated group of people are linked by the appearance of a dead body, and when the entire village is in panic, the honest village chief (Huo WeiminAll the way through the fog, but it seems to sink deeper and deeper[2] 

Film evaluation

The story of the Heart Maze does not seem surprising at first glance, but the director uses a more complex narrative structure, three groups of stories because a coffin is connected together, can exist independently and mutually related, coincidences with some black humor (Phoenix Entertainment Review)[9] 

In this bizarre and bizarre murder case,Everyone in the movie is in the dark,Whether out of love, selfishness, laziness, jealousy, or infidelity,Some are cunning and some are dull,Everyone involved is fighting for their lives,Take care to carry this inauspicious coffin around,No one has no secrets,No one's heart is clean (Sohu entertainment review)[7] 

The film's logical narrative plot, fragmented author editing, and the cross substitution of true and false time and space make it difficult for the audience to bear to tell others in advance of such a wonderful suspense story and its absolutely unexpected ending。This is a film that you have to see for yourself and find out for yourself。It is like a pair of dominoes, divulges one link, the whole story collapses (Shandong Business Daily review)[22] 


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