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The Wallflowers
2016-02-01 08:30  

The Wallflowers

Chinese name: Wallflower Boy

Foreign name:The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Other translations: Teenage Self-Reading Diary, Wallflower Boy, Top of the Wallflower

Directed by Steve Chibowski

Written by Steve Chibowski

Genre: Drama

Starring: Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller


A thoughtful and extremely sensitive, delicate teenager, he needs to learn, is how to in such a

Learning and growing up in the perilous world of adulthood is all about the inexplicable complexity of adulthood, combined with unusual grace, humor and compassion。

Charlie (Logan Lerman), who is academically outstanding but socially awkward, is often referred to as the "wallflower teenager" who is easily ignored, no matter what kind of social occasions, he is always the outsider who sits beside silently watching it all。Until one day,The two upperclassmen took him into their protection,They are the beautiful and free spirited Sam (Emma Watson) and her fearless brother Patrick (Ezra Miller).,Watching Charlie through new friendships, first loves, budding sexual consciousness, wild parties, and late-night shows。At the same time, Charlie's English teacher, Mr. Anderson (Paul Rudd), also leads him into a rather wonderful literary world, igniting his dream of becoming a writer。

但是,As Charlie delves deeper and deeper into this dizzying world closer to adulthood,Pain from the past also haunts him from time to time,It lingered - including the suicide of his best friend Michael,And the unexpected death of his favorite aunt,He was deeply troubled and in pain,All lurking beneath the surface of a seemingly noisy, joyous appearance,As Sam and Patrick prepare to leave home for college,It wasn't just Charlie's own uneasy peace,And drove him directly to the breaking point,And a shocking revelation about the source of his grief...So this is what it means to grow up,It always has to be accompanied by pleasure and pain。

Film evaluation

The Perks of Being a Wallflower remains faithful to its source material, evoking pathos and nostalgia through the interplay between sound and image without sacrificing any of the film's qualities。(The Atlantic)Ian Buckwalter评)

What's surprising is the texture brought by this lovely, pretty young cast, especially Ezra Miller, who has the wit of a sensitive gay man delivering sarcastic remarks。(Review by The New York Times)

Although there are humorous and sentimental moments, this is a tale of melancholy: tender kisses, awkward dances, drifting friends, kind English teachers, crusches and drug parties, and a lingering sense of deja vu。(USA Today review)

It's a bona fide Wallflower, a true experience that makes the film soar, but it's also possible to stumble。(Review by The Arizona Republic)

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