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2021-10-12 08:00  

Content introduction

       The first collection of essays by Qian Zhuang, founder of the head psychology platform KnowYourself: psychological notes on love and freedom, about self-awareness, intimacy, feminism, and life choices from her perspective。The author incorporates psychology into personal experience,Explore how we view and deal with negative emotions in our own growth;Love others and yourself in intimate relationships;How do you get along with others when you meet the world,What about social standards,And coordinate with them;What is true freedom,And how can we embark on the path to inner freedom。


PART 1 Awareness

Not only to lie to yourself that it doesn't matter, but also learn to say sorry with yourself

Even the desire to destroy the bad side of oneself is a self-destructive desire

Growing Up to become a snail: A story about self-acceptance

Sometimes, we get depressed because we "get better.

Staying up late, overeating, insomnia...Why can't we take care of ourselves?

You make blind commitments to life because you are not aware enough of yourself

A new "being" is possible: there is no past and no future

Self-awareness: The Path to Freedom

You are only one self-awareness distance away from a good life

 PART 2 Love

Why people need to fall in love: "5 types of love, only 1 is good?。”

Is he possessive or really like me?

Like a person but just can't get, how to do?

Not all relationships have the primary purpose of being together

Are you really in love with them, or are you pathologically infatuated?

The hell of the mind is like a paradise

Like can be no reason, love is for a reason

What I like most is a feeling of "feeling at home whenever you want"

A true partner will make you feel that life is worth looking forward to

"Good intimacy is the natural fruit of self-healing。”

Perhaps the most interesting thing in the world is to spend the day with your lover

Love is a voluntary shackle of morality, responsibility, and deep empathy

I want a lover who loves me because "I am what I am.

What constitutes a relationship that includes "respect"?

What is the essence of "slag"?

At a certain age, why can't anyone resist the pressure to get married?

 PART 3 Growth

Maturity is to stop fantasizing: "I understand the truth, but I still can't do without"

If what you desire has begun to hurt you?

How to choose are afraid of wrong: How to make a good choice in life?

What makes bereavement the new disease of the age?

Why does the World Make Us Unhappy: About humanity and dehumanity

Where are you from: About friendship and hometown

Only in the face of turmoil will you realize the horror of not belonging

Respect and dignity: A story about the self

"I'm not happy, but it's okay to open my mouth and just say it."

The Right not to be beautiful: Why can't She give up trying to be beautiful

If we do not fear, malice loses all its power

From today on, I don't want to be a "good" girl

 PART 4 Freedom

The nature of happiness has little to do with "desire fulfillment.

You are not happy, may be asking too much from life

Deep love is a choice: rather love without return

The most important family education is to give a person the ability to "know right from wrong"

"Who in the world is not like a man who shelters from the rain??": The power to face life

Everyone is the product of a struggle between fate and choice

Many people are complicated, and only a few can return to simplicity

I am at home in myself

In your heart, wait for a resurrection

"Life is full of error, I return it to nothingness."

Because there is nothing to lose, there is no need to worry about gain and loss

The best state of life: Nothing, but lack of nothing

How can we live a freer life?

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