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Neurotic personality of our time
2020-11-12 08:00  

Neurotic Personality in Our Time

Content introduction

The Neurotic Personality of Our Time is by Karen?Honey's important psychological treatise,It is also the representative work of the author,This work makes a comprehensive analysis and comprehensive exposition of the morbid psychology and abnormal personality of modern people,It's Horney's revision and critique of orthodox psychoanalysis,Not only did it have a broad impact on psychology,It has also deeply influenced the fields of literature, culture, biography, gender, philosophy, religion and other studies。In the book, Honey argues that we all live in conflict and conflict, and that failing to reconcile these can lead us into neurosis。

This master-level work, with simple language, clear logic, simple philosophy, I believe that readers will benefit a lot, feel the real charm of the psychoanalytic teacher。


The first chapter is the cultural and psychological connotation of neurosis

The second chapter discusses the causes of "neurotic personality of our time"

Chapter 3 Anxiety

Chapter 4 Anxiety and Hostility

Chapter Five: The basic structure of neurosis

Chapter 6 The neurotic Need for Love

Chapter 7 The Neurotic Need for Love (Continued)

Chapter 8 Ways to get love and sensitivity to neglect

Chapter 9 The Role of sexual Desire in the neurotic need for Love

Chapter 10 The Quest for Power, Prestige, and Wealth

Chapter 11 Nervous Competition

Chapter 12 Escape from Competition

Chapter 13 Nervous Guilt

Chapter 14 The Meaning of Nervous Suffering - The problem of Masochism

Chapter 15 Culture and Neurosis

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