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Key Conversations: How to communicate Effectively
2020-03-12 08:57  

Key Conversations: How to Communicate Effectively (Original Book, 2nd Edition) (Rare Edition)

Key Conversations: How to communicate Effectively

Content introduction

There will inevitably be "key moments" in everyone's life, and they may be:

Put forward a well-designed plan to the boss, but was poured cold water。

You want to communicate with your spouse and ask their family not to interfere in your life。

Talk to children about serious study, but as a deaf ear。

Remind friends to pay back the money, but he always find a variety of excuses。

It's about holding back and letting the situation turn against you?

Or get angry, say something you regret later, and push things into a vicious cycle?

Most people don't know how to deal with "critical moments" that are difficult to resolve but will have a big impact on their lives。In fact, between forbearance and rage, there is a way to solve the problem satisfactorily without hurting or offending the other person。

The book's author team is based on20Multi-year global10The follow-up survey of more than 10,000 people selects the recognized dialogue masters, finds out their common characteristics and behaviors in the "key dialogue", analyzes them layer by layer, and summarizes a set of effective methods。Add rich conversation situations and humorous short stories to help you master these skills in a quick way。To the point, let the other party clearly know your opinion, is a kind of ability;It is a kind of wisdom to speak properly and let the other party reflect automatically。Using the techniques provided in this book, no matter how difficult a situation is, you can easily face it with more efficiency, achieve a successful career, and have a happier life!


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Recommendation order one

Recommendation sequence ii

Translator's preface

前 言

1Chapter What is Critical Conversation  001

The key dialogue has three characteristics: there is a wide gap in the views of the two sides of the dialogue, the dialogue has a high risk, and the emotions of the two sides are very intense。

2Chapter Mastering key conversations  017

Life is full of critical moments, and what makes good conversationalists stand out as influential people is their ability to avoid the "fool's choice" we often encounter - vehingly opposing or silently accepting the wrong decision。

3The chapter begins with the "heart.  029

How to set goals

Identify your true purpose and ask yourself: What do I want to do for myself, for others, and for my relationships?What should I do in the face of my true purpose?

4Observe with attention  045

How can you tell if a conversation is safe

We should observe both the content of the dialogue and the atmosphere of the dialogue。When the conversation is in crisis, back off and slow down。

5Seal security  064

How to let the other person speak freely

The first condition for security is common purpose, and mutual respect is a continuing factor in dialogue。When a crisis arises between the two, you can respond by apologizing, contrasting explanations, and creating a common purpose to restore the other person's sense of security。

6Chapter control idea  090

How to start a conversation in a situation of anger, fear, or hurt

Our emotions come from the brain's construction of the facts we observe。Managing your emotions requires returning to objective facts and avoiding subjective assumptions。

7Chapter statement  115

How to be persuasive rather than dictatorial

The five techniques for discussing sensitive issues are sharing facts, saying what you think, asking for opinions, making exploratory statements, and encouraging experimentation。The first three are "content" techniques, and the last two are "manner" techniques。

8Chapter understanding motivation  138

How to help the other person out of silence or violence

Use four listening techniques to understand the other person's perspective: ask for opinions, confirm feelings, redescribe, and lead。Avoid unnecessary disagreements with three coping methods: agree, complement, and compare。

9Chapter into action  157

How do you turn key conversations into action and results

Adopt appropriate decision-making methods, clarify who completes what tasks and when, and carry out inspection and supervision of tasks。

10Chapter case study  168

17A complex case study shows that the dialogue techniques in this book can solve any problem you can think of。

11Chapter comprehensive application  189

Key conversation preparation and learning tools

Epilogue Key Conversations10Application of author's notes  200

reference  207

About the author  208

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