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"Science on 'Jiao', easy life" network group counseling recruitment
2022-12-20 00:17  

With the release and gradual implementation of the "20" and "New 10" epidemic prevention and control, the epidemic prevention and control began to gradually relax, but many people have fallen into another kind of panic and anxiety。"I feel insecure, I don't know who is Yang when I go out。"If I'm really hit, I'll have to go home?How to infect the elderly and children?"The Spring Festival is coming soon, what should we do if the cluster infection causes a medical run??"This isn't your inner OS of the last week?

Both full of expectations for the future, but also a little overwhelmed, always feel like "the next second will be Yang"。Especially when the circle of friends and people around you have begun to Yang, it really feels like the epidemic has begun。Confusion, worry, fear......The more I think about it, the more tired I get。If you are worried about your sun all the time, it may be your body is sending an alarm: your "coronavirus release anxiety" needs to be treated!

Epidemic prevention and control is not only a battle against the virus, but also a psychological defense battle against bad psychological emotions. In the face of the epidemic, we need to improve psychological immunity and wear "protective clothing" for psychology.。How to ease the anxiety caused by COVID-19?Come to the school psychological counseling center for everyone carefully prepared group counseling!

Group goals:

1.Form a group, establish relationships, understand group members, and form a good group atmosphere。

2.Use the atmosphere of the group to help members feel the present moment and master the skills and methods to cope with anxiety。

3.Members communicate with each other, share their experiences, and find resource advantages。

Group Introduction:

Group nature: Closed, supportive group。

Group leader: Psychological Counseling Center - Teacher Zhang Li

Group Time:

12月22日  15:00 - 16:30

Group Location:

Tencent Conference

Online group Recruitment target:

For students from Northeast Dianli University (15-20), if the number of participants exceeds the predetermined number, the center will conduct several online group tutoring sessions on the same topic in batches。

Recruitment requirements:

1.Can use "Tencent Meeting" software to participate in group interaction, can keep the network smooth;

2.Make sure you have headphones or earphones when you join the group, and there is no noise around;

3.Be able to join the group on time, not be late, not leave early;

4.Be sincere and open in the group, respect others, and keep everything in the group strictly confidential;

5.Be able to actively participate in group activities and interact with other team members。

Interested students can scan the QR code to join the QQ group registration, limited places, first come first served。

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