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"Three lines of Love Letter · Freehand feeling" love poem competition officially started!
2023-02-14 16:54  

In the Internet era, the widespread popularity of the Internet and the rapid change of information make emotions gradually lose the sustenance of words。How long has it been since you said "love" in words?Fish pass ruler element, post mail plum blossom, Linfa and open is the deep and shallow mind of faint time。After a stroke, thousands of acacia soaked in the continuous rice paper。Do not have to try to chase, poetry and distance is hidden in the life。No need to search, just three lines are perfect for singing。Romance let the dust of life into a golden mist, shuttle in the well city fireworks gas, the little romantic collection, write into the love letter, to this noisy and warm world about their most sincere love。

Event Name:

"Three Lines of Love Letter · Freehand Feeling" love poem competition

Activity Time:

February 14, 2023 - February 20, 2023

Activity mode:

Please scan the QR code below to participate

Work requirement

(1) The content is original, healthy and positive (if it is not original, it will be disqualified);

(2) No more than 60 words, three lines layout;

(3 types are not limited: sing love, express mind, convey feelings。

Award setting:

First prize: a collection of poems for 3 people

Second prize: Notebook for 5 people

Third prize: Bookmarks for 7 people

Excellence Award: SeveralThe exact number of participants will be determined according to the total number of participants。)

The group will select 15 excellent works according to the quality of the works to be exhibited on the wechat public platform, and the students will vote online to determine the first, second and third prizes.All students will be awarded points for conduct (the specific points will be determined by each school).。

Dear Tepco students, turn your surging emotions into gentle words to write, and share with us!So that we can try to read your soft and sincere heart!

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