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The school held a series of psychological activities on the "International Day of Happiness" in 2023
2023-03-23 13:59  

March 20, 2023 is the 11th International Day of Happiness。In order to guide students to think and define their own happiness and improve students' subjective well-being, the Mental Health Education and Counseling Service Center carried out a series of psychological activities with the theme of "Walking the breeze in March, seeking Spring Happiness" in the school from March 1 to March 20。

The event was divided into three parts。

The first part is the "International Day of Happiness" psychological theme class meeting。In order to ensure that the class meeting achieved good results and help the students to invest in the study and life of the new semester with a positive attitude, the psychological theme class meeting was divided into three stages: early training, college recommendation and school demonstration。On March 7, the Psychological center conducted online training on the psychological theme of "International Day of Happiness" for the 21 and 22 psychological committee members of the school。At the training meeting, through the explanation of teacher Zhang Fuxu, the psychological committee members deeply understood the content of the psychological theme class meeting and effectively mastered the operating process of the class meeting。From March 8 to 16, the psychological committee members combined with the actual situation and referred to the psychological class meeting materials issued by the psychological center, and carried out the psychological theme class meeting of "embracing spring, happy departure" in the class。Subsequently, the secondary psychological workstation of each college was selected, and a total of 32 psychological theme class meetings were recommended to participate in the school display。Through screening, the psychological center finally selected 5 excellent psychological class meetings with clear picture quality and complete content, and displayed them on the public number。

The second part is the "International Day of Happiness" campaign。On March 17, the Psychology Center held the "International Day of Happiness" live publicity activities at the East and West campuses respectively。The activity venue was crowded, and the students experienced the sense of gain and happiness brought by the activity in the process of participating in the "happiness drift bottle", happiness test, happiness punch card and other projects。

The third part is the "International Day of Happiness" psychological lecture。On March 20, Mr. Zhang Fuxu held a psychological lecture entitled "Moving Spring, Happiness TO YOU"。The students interacted enthusiastically and responded warmly。The lecture is divided into four parts: understanding happiness, psychological research on happiness, promotion of happiness, and happiness tips provided by the school. It decoded happiness for everyone in a simple way, greatly enriched students' psychological knowledge of happiness, and gave students a deeper understanding and understanding of happiness。

The development of a series of "happiness" activities has further improved the students' ability to find happiness and perceive happiness, and has played a good role in training students to accept themselves and face study and life with a positive attitude。


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