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"Set Sail with Gratitude" Group Counseling Program (2023)
2023-05-31 18:38  

Hello, everyone!Today is June **, 2023, less than ** days before we leave the university life we have lived together for four years。During the intense preparation for the graduation defense, we set aside 2 hours to hold our last special theme class meeting。

In September 2019, the students came to Northeast Electric Power University with their longing for college life and beautiful yearning for future life, and formed our collective - "Class".。Four years, we study together, live together, feel joy together in success, feel growth in failure, and work hard for their own ideals!

College life is coming to an end, looking back on the past four years, happy and unforgettable student life again in our minds。In the face of the coming separation, will not feel reluctant to give up?In the face of the upcoming career, is not some at a loss?

Students, before leaving school, please cherish our last class meeting, let us participate in today's activities together, standing at a new starting point in life, and carefully organize ourselves。

Before the class meeting begins, please cooperate with the following points for attention:

First, please turn off your cell phone。During group activities, focus on the here and now, try not to communicate with the outside world, so as not to affect the overall effect of the activity (such as phone calls, listening to music, smoking, etc.)。

Second, be frank and sincere。Sincerity is the best gift. Every participant treats each other with a frank, sincere and trusting attitude, does not hide his true feelings, and provides feedback on others' disclosure。

Third, please be fully engaged and experience。By focusing on the here and now, each participant is fully engaged, and the more engaged, the more rewarding。

Fourthly, please take this opportunity to communicate with as many people as possible。Activities should try to get opportunities and everyone in the group has the opportunity to communicate, you will find more。

Fifth, please keep it a secret。Please join me in saying, "I promise to keep the information I learn in group activities confidential;Do not spread, do not comment, do not do anything outside the group to harm the interests of other members。”

Ok, thank you very much for your cooperation. During this period of time, the students are in a tense state of preparing their graduation thesis. Today, we first put down all the burdens and devote ourselves to today's activities, which is not only a good physical and mental adjustment, but also an unforgettable experience。Who put in more, who will gain more。Okay, let's start by relaxing ourselves with a little activity。

(I) Initial phase

1.Growth Trilogy (10 min.)

Purpose: Warm up activities, enhance team feelings, let members realize that the growth of the road is not smooth, setbacks and hardships are inevitable。

Operation: In the initial state, the whole class is "egg" (marked by squatting)。The egg is free to move about,Play games with one's own kind,If you win,Evolved into a "chick" (marked by a half-squat),If you lose,Still "egg";"Chicken" and the same kind of game,If you win,Evolved into a "big chicken.",If you lose,They degenerate into "eggs";"Big chicken" and the same kind of game,If you win,You evolve to go back to your seat,If you lose,They degenerate into chickens.。And so on, until the few remaining students can no longer evolve into adults。The host guides everyone to share their feelings。

Note: 1.You can only play guessing games with your own kind (" egg "and" egg ", "chick" and "chicken", "big chicken" and "big chicken")。

      2.Guessing the winner will evolve one level up, guessing the loser will degenerate one level down, the egg is the lowest level, in order of chicken, big chicken, adult。

The host concluded: everyone in the process of growth is often not smooth sailing, may experience many setbacks, but as long as perseverance, after countless failures must be able to thrive and succeed。Ok, let's do a "horse orchid" activity together。

2.Maolan (6-8 minutes)

Objective: To relax the mood, to enliven the atmosphere, to group the students to participate in the next activity。

Operation: At the beginning, let all the students hold hands in a circle and move around counterclockwise to fully appreciate the feeling of everyone together。Then, the host said: "Malan orchid, Malan orchid, wind and rain are not afraid, hard-working people are talking, please bloom immediately!"All the students asked: "Open a few flowers.?The leader said, "Make three flowers (4,5,6,7,8,9).。Students immediately 3 (4,5,6,7,8,9) people hold hands to form a small family, and then start again, repeat the above steps until the class is divided into fixed groups。

Note: 1.The moderator can be based on the total number of members,Choose a few flowers,Then divide into groups,(If there are 37 students in the class,Want to divide into 5 groups,In the last round of the game, he said to bloom seven flowers,Each group has 7 students,2 other students will be left homeless),And asked the already formed group to invite the single person to "go home."。

         2.During the event, members who have not found a home can talk about how they feel about being homeless。

The moderator's summary: Everyone is very involved in the activity just now, no one wants to find no home, the kind of lonely and isolated feeling of homeless people is very uncomfortable, because people are social people, we are eager to be accepted by others, share with others, care and help each other。Apart from the group, we will lose the sense of security, stability and power。So a warm group gives us strength, support, care, satisfaction, belonging and a sense of security。Well, let's take a look at the small team we have just formed, our hands are tighter, no matter what kind of bumps and difficulties we encounter on the road of life in the future, let's firm faith together, wind and rain walk together。(Pay attention to arouse the resonance of the students)

Now please move your chairs to your team, quickly occupy your team's territory, we are going to move on to the next session,

3.Red bombing (or Merit bombing, about 25 minutes)

The purpose is to let students learn to find and appreciate the advantages of others, promote mutual affirmation and acceptance, and enhance self-confidence。

Operation: Group members sit in a circle。Ask one member to sit in the center of the group, and others take turns to talk about his strengths and appreciation (such as personality, appearance, ability to deal with things, learning, popularity, etc.)。The complimented member then states which strengths they were previously aware of and which they were unaware of。Each member goes to the center and receives a red blast。

The rules: Participants must speak of their strengths, be sincere, and strive to find the strengths of others, but of course not unsubstantiated praise, which can hurt others。Participants were asked to pay attention to how they felt when they experienced being praised.How to find the strengths of others with your heart;How to be an appreciative person。

Instruction: The practice is over, there are 2 places to share their feelings with you, who is willing to share it?(You may say that there are some advantages that you did not realize before, the feeling of being noticed by others for the first time, complimenting others is the lubricant of interpersonal communication, and being praised brings you confidence and happiness.)

Moderator's summary: In this event,We praise others from the bottom of our hearts,Learn to accept the appreciation of others,At the same time, we also find many advantages in ourselves and others that we had not noticed before;We feel the joy and confidence of being noticed and praised by others;When we look for the good in others,At the same time, I experienced the joy of appreciating others。In the activity just now, we also found that many students are unaware of their own advantages,Then we will all do a comprehensive arrangement of their own,Next we went on to "My University,My growth",There are three activities in this section,The first was "My Three 'Greatest' moments in college."。

(ii) Core phase

Activity theme: My university, my growth

1.My "Three maxims" during college (about 25 minutes)

Purpose: Let the students feel in the review, enjoy the harvest, lack of understanding, reflect on the root of success and regret, and better face the future。

Operation: (1) Time flies, university life is coming to an end, looking back on the study, life and work in the university time, there will be joy of success, there will be bitterness of failure, but I believe that these experiences in the university will make you have unparalleled confidence in the society。Students, the "three most" during the university period is the re-combing of college life, so that we once again feel the beauty of college life, please seriously think, during the university you appreciate yourself the most what?What are you most proud of in college?What is the most impressive lesson you have learned in college?

(2) After writing, everyone in the group gathered in a circle to share their feelings。One representative from each group should share your feelings with the whole class。

Activity preparation: Print exercise sheet 1- my "three best" during college (see attachment), one copy for all students。

2.Golden Triangle of College Life (about 30 minutes)

Objective: To guide students to organize their college life, arouse students' sense of gratitude to their Alma mater, teachers, classmates and parents, and put this feeling into civilized school-leaving action and future growth action, enhance the emotion of "I am proud of my Alma mater today, and my Alma mater will be proud of me tomorrow", and realize the educational purpose。

People say that if life is a book, then college life is the most beautiful color pages in the book。Through the activities just now, we found that in this period of growth, we have been happy, happy, proud, but also have been disappointed, sad, painful。Four years of college is really wonderful, worth our good review, let's do another activity - the Golden Triangle of college life。

In A, B, C, D, write "Looking back on your college life, what is the happiest thing about A??B What is the most memorable thing?What is the most regrettable thing about C?D is for who I would be most grateful to if I left school today?What is the most important thing to say to him?No matter what the process is, we all grow and mature...Before we leave our Alma mater, we must give ourselves a chance to express ourselves without leaving any regrets。(Students can play "Gardenia Bloom" as background music while writing these four items)

(2) All the people in each group gather in a circle and share their feelings。One representative from each group should share with the class what you want to say。

(3) In the sharing just now, everyone opened their hearts and expressed their innermost feelings, arousing our love for life and gratitude for others。This "memory" process also tells us that everyone's perception of the university is different, and everyone should try to grasp the last moment in the university and cherish the last time in the Alma mater。Students, confused freshmen, we may not know how to be grateful。Nervous sophomore year, we may not have time to be grateful。The choice of the third year, we may not be in the mood to be grateful。To the parting of the senior year, how can we miss gratitude?As we are about to say goodbye to our Alma mater, many of our graduates are thinking about what to do to thank their Alma mater。Thanksgiving Alma mater, some students leave knowledge (donate books);Thanksgiving Alma mater, some students love to leave;Thanks to Alma mater, some students leave the experience。Gratitude does not lie in the external form, nor in the amount of material, but in a simple and sincere heart。To write a poem for his Alma mater is Thanksgiving;Draw a picture for his Alma mater, is grateful;Singing a song for his Alma mater is gratitude。A grateful heart is not only moving, but also respectful。Gratitude is behind the hot love Alma mater return Alma mater heart。Parting time, express the love of your Alma mater;When you say goodbye, leave the love of your Alma mater behind。Students, although our school is not 985, 211, our school is still developing。However, please remember that we are TEPCO people, and the university of Northeast Electric Power University will accompany our whole life and be written into our own life archives。School honor I honor, school shame I shame, school development is strong, we will feel more proud and proud。We are well developed and will be the greatest resource of the school。Facing graduation, what can I leave for my Alma mater?Please share your feelings about this university with a short sentence or a few words. On the wish card, we can leave a message for our Alma mater.(When the teacher speaks this paragraph, he can play "grateful heart" as the background music)

Activity preparation: (1) Print exercise Sheet 2- University Life "Golden Triangle" (see attachment), one copy for all students。

(2) Each student has a wish card。

The host concluded: four years of time like an arrow, slipping away from the fingers is the time that can not catch, precipitating is the blooming of the fleeting years, is the magnificent poem that is lit by the youth in full swing。In the past four years, you have grown up in the rich cultural heritage of your Alma mater, and forged ahead in the profound and unremitting feelings of your Alma mater。In a blink of an eye, you are about to say goodbye to this familiar tree-lined path, goodbye to this familiar grass and trees。You are about to carry your bags and rush to another journey of life and sail away。Students, parting is near, I hope you leave the best memory to your Alma mater, I hope you with a high sense of responsibility for your Alma mater stand the last shift。

(iii) Closure phase

1.My future is not a dream

Purpose: About to leave the campus, more looking forward to, or the next more passionate stage。By looking to the future and making a "dream list", members can have a rough idea of what they want, and no longer be confused。Through the "Five Golden Keys" to help students understand their own resources and advantages, so that they can face the future career with confidence。

Operation: Students, we are about to enter the society, in the face of the upcoming career, some students may still be a bit at a loss and at a loss。好,Now we are free to look to the future together,Make our "Dream List",Find our own resources and advantages to realize our dreams!Please think carefully,Write down your plan one year, three years, five years, ten years after graduation,Write down the five "golden keys" you have or need to have to achieve your dreams.。First share in the group, then ask 2 students to share in the class。

Activity preparation: (1) Print Exercise Sheet 3- My Dream List and my five "Golden Keys" (see attachment)。

(2) Students can play the song "I Believe" as the background music when writing the "dream list" and the five "golden keys"。

The host concluded: students, people must have a dream, in order to have the power to move forward, life without a dream is like an airplane losing a beacon, a ship losing a lighthouse, will eventually be eliminated by society。I see that each of you has a wonderful vision for the future,Have found a beacon to move forward in life,The teacher is very happy;The teacher is even happier,When it's not working,You already have so many resources to make your dreams come true,可见,There are good things in all of us,Everyone has his own golden key,Just try to take your chances,The golden key in the hand is to help us through the bumpy road。As long as we work hard, set goals, and make scientific plans for our future life and development, we can walk tall and win the future。You see,Four years of college,Let us have so many like-minded friends,Let us learn to live independently,Learned basic professional skills,Good interpersonal and communication skills,Established a good sense of team,These will lay a solid foundation for the career we are about to start。Students, come on, firm faith, sail towards the dream, your dream will eventually become a reality, your future must be very bright!

2.Blessing - a lifetime with you

Purpose: To complete a deeper level of openness, to form a friendly and supportive atmosphere, so that members can receive the most sincere blessings from classmates, these blessings will accompany everyone's life, but also to maintain a good attitude for graduation and facing the unknown future。

Operation: (1) All students form a circle, please hold the hand of the students around you。About to graduate, please speak out the blessings of classmates and friends and want to say to him (her) in the past four years, please take turns to speak, please start from so-and-so students。

(2) Play songs "Have you for life", "Wish you a safe journey"。

The host concluded: The students, everyone sent their own blessings, but also received the sincere blessings of others to us, with these blessings, I believe that the road to life in the future, no matter how much difficulty will encounter, how much is not smooth, we can summon up courage, strong to face the difficulties。classmates,Before long,When we step out of the campus,They went their separate ways,Walk in a hurry,We walk the colorful route,Perhaps the years have changed the face,Perhaps time has darkened the past,If I see you again many years from now,Will you still hold my shoulder,Say friendship lasts forever,If I see you again many years from now,Whether we will face the sunset side by side to talk,Do not regret that once know each other together......

———— Let us close our eyes and silently make a wish in our hearts that we may be together again in ten years。I really don't want to say goodbye, but in the summer of 2023, we really, really are going to graduate。Take care of

———— This is the end of our last theme class meeting, thank you all。

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